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A Different Perspective On Marketing

Hey y’all! Hope you are doing well today! If you can’t tell by my greeting I live in the south and have been enjoying the start of summer and the wonderful sun and heat. Where do you live? Is it hot yet or still spring-like?

Today I’m going to share a little bit about marketing and my journey with it and I hope this helps you if marketing has been a road block or confusing for you.

I have been doing stuff on the internet since I was 14. I started out with a blog just writing things for fun and of course at that age I wasn’t really thinking about marketing or getting more traffic to my blog, it was just a hobby. And then with the websites I have had later on, I started wanting more traffic to my website and started using Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to do that. It was always frustrating and not super natural for me and I didn’t have much success with it.

Fast forward a couple years, I had some health issues that caused a huge pause in my life and what I wanted to do for a career, so while I was finishing up high school and dealing with my health I stopped doing stuff online for the most part. Last fall, my parents approached me and asked me to help them redo their website for their business, and so I started getting back into the internet scene.

When their website was finished, I starting thinking about and brainstorming ways that I could market their business online and drive traffic and ultimately sales for them. This was also around the time that I was starting to think about what is now Anya Design Co.

As I was starting these ventures I knew that I needed to utilize social media for marketing and getting sales but I felt really stuck with it. I don’t know about you but I have a complicated relationship with social media. It can be used for good but there is a lot of not so good things about it as well. And because of that I felt kind of lost in how to do it.

In December of 2020, my family and I moved from Minnesota to Georgia and so since then it has been the process of adjusting and meeting new people and building community. So I’ve been going to events and groups at our church, making efforts for connection, and one day it hit me: What I’m doing in real life to create community is exactly the perspective I need with marketing.

I needed to shift my perspective from feeling weird about social media and not sure how to do it, to seeing it as building community around my products and helping people build their websites. I needed to see it as finding the people that need and want my products and content and help them get their ideas off the ground.

Shifting my perspective has helped so much because it makes it more personal and specific. I’m not trying to win everyone, just my ideal customer or visitor. I’m not just trying to sell them something, I want to partner with them and help them get their amazing idea off the ground.

Seeing it with way makes it way more exciting and less of a chore to make social media content because there is purpose behind it. There is a vision. And that makes all the difference.

I hope that encourages and helps you with your website and marketing and if you have any thoughts or need any help let me know! I would love to chat with you (you can contact me here). Hope you have an amazing day!

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