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Hey, I’m Elise.

After graduating high school I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for a career and then one day stumbled into web development. I started researching all that I could and found a great course that taught you how to do frontend and backend coding. I fell in love with coding and spent hours coding new websites and coming up with new designs.

I loved coding but knew that I didn’t want to get a corporate web development job and keep up with the pace that that would require. I took a break from pursuing coding for a while, doing projects here and there, trying to decide what to do with all the knowledge that I had learned.

In fall of 2021 I started designing a WordPress site for my parents company, Engravestone, and started getting the bug back to code. As I was helping them with their site, I learned that you could build custom WordPress themes and sell them.

It was the perfect solution. I could use the skills I learned in all my years of coding as well as use my creative side to develop beautiful sites for others. I started studying and researching how to build a custom theme and over the upcoming weeks built my first Custom WordPress Theme: Anya.

I’m so excited to be able to build these themes because I know how overwhelming it can to be to start. Before I had any knowledge of coding I had set up a couple blogs for myself and know that it can be hard and confusing.

So I hope these themes can help you get your great ideas up and going, easily, simply and stress-free!

Elise Welch | Anya Design Co.

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