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Boho Color Palettes To Use In Your Website! {Part 1}

Hey! Hope y’all are doing well and enjoying the start to summer. I live in Georgia and for the past week we have had a heat wave with the heat index (temperature + humidity) being at around 100 degrees everyday. The first couple days our air conditioning was broken so we were hot but thankfully we got that fixed 😉

Anyway, I wanted to share some color palettes you can use in your website today. I find it so helpful to look at color palettes on Pinterest when I am designing a new website or doing a new project because usually I have an idea in my head but don’t always have a clear direction. Every week on my Pinterest page I share color palettes that I have come up with to give you ideas and also to tuck them away for later when I need some inspiration.

Today I wanted to share some bohemian themed color palettes because boho is and has been a huge craze for the last couple years and understandably so. The tones are earthy, soft and quiet. Hope you enjoy and use them for your projects! xx Elise

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