Feminine Color Palettes To Use In Your Websites! {Part 2} – Anya Design Co.

Feminine Color Palettes To Use In Your Websites! {Part 2}

Hey! Today I wanted to share some more color palettes to give you some ideas for your website! On Tuesday I shared 10 Boho themed color palettes and today I am sharing 5 Feminine Themed color palettes!

I love color palettes because usually when I am designing a website or starting a new project I have an idea of the colors I want to use but not quite sure which ones will work well together and which ones won’t. There are so many color palettes that you can look at and choose from on Pinterest and every week on my Pinterest page, I pin color palettes that I have come up with to inspire others as well as tuck them away for later use.

I really love the soft feminine color palettes these days and so do others because feminine color palettes and websites are very popular these days! Today I have 5 color palettes for you to look at and choose from. Lots of soft pinks and pretty colors that are sure to inspire you! Hope you and enjoy and they help you. xx Elise

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