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Tip #1 | Tool To Help You Build Your Website

When I was studying web development I obviously was learning a lot of new things and had many confusing moments along the way. Learning code can be really difficult and it takes a lot of effort and work to understand it. The instructor of the coding course I took gave a piece of advice that has helped me not only to code but in other areas of my life where I am learning. His piece of advice was to learn to google well.

What I didn’t know when I started coding was that learning to google (or research) well is something that is really important and a valuable thing to learn. In coding, you hit a lot of snags and issues that a lot of time you don’t know how to solve. Thus learning to google helps solve those problems.

Now, I’m talking about coding so what does this have to do with you?

Well, you don’t have to be a coder to benefit from this helpful tip.

Starting your own website and not knowing much about how to do it will have you running into problems and things you don’t understand. And you can find solutions to problems with a simple google search. So my tip for you is to practice googling when you encounter a problem. Practice trying different wordings so you can find an answer to your question.

If you learn how to research well, it will help you solve a lot of frustrating problems in building your website. Someone else has already had that issue and can help you in solving it.

Hope this tip helps you and that you have a great day!

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