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Tip #3 How To Come Up With A Website Name

Hey! Hope you are doing well today! I’m excited to share some tips to help you come up with a great name for your website / business. I’m also going to share a story about my very first website and what the name was (I was fourteen so get ready!). I know that coming up with a great name that works across all boards can be tricky, frustrating and a stumbling block when creating your website or business. You want it to be unique, easy to remember, and explain exactly what you are doing so it attracts people. But how do you do that?

When I created my first blog when I was 14, I had had the name picked out for months, maybe even a year. I was obsessed with blogs and reading them and so when I would talk about the people whose blogs I was reading to my family, I would always start out with, “This one blog that I read.” Thus the name came to be. This One Blog. That was the blog that I had for a couple years and had so much fun writing at.

With that story, the name came about just by a phrase I would say all the time in regards to this topic. So with that said, that is my first tip:

  • Use a phrase or word you say a lot about this particular topic

Some examples are: If you want to write a food blog and you constantly say in the kitchen, “These burritos are kicking”, you could use that full phrase or just ‘kicking burritos’ as your website name. It is unique and different, sure to catch the eye of potential visitors.

My second tip is to use your name or a variation of your name. After I had ‘This One Blog’ as my website name I switched over to just using my name ‘Elise Welch’. And then when I started this website you are reading right now I used a variation of my name, ‘Anya Design Co’ because Anya is my middle name. I incorporated my middle name as well as added other keywords to help explain what I was doing as well.

  • Use your name or a variation of your name

You can get more creative with this then you might think. Because let’s say your name is Rebecca Wells and you want to start a fashion blog. You could use your full name, you could do ‘Fashion by Rebecca Wells’, you could do ‘Rebecca Wells Fashion’, or you could try a different approach. Say you love wearing denim jackets, so you could make your website name be: Rebecca In The Denim Jacket. Again, unique and eye catching.

My third and final tip is to use a variation of keywords of whatever you will be talking / writing about. So say you are starting a lifestyle blog for moms of young kids, you could pick keywords that every mom of young kids would know and customize it. You could do ‘Swaddles & Stories’ as an example. Or again if you are starting a food blog you could do ‘Lick The Spoon’.

  • Use a variation of keywords of whatever you will be talking / writing about

Using this approach will help you get specific with the niche you are going into as well as help you be creative in the process.

That’s all I have for today! I hope this gave you some thoughts for your website name so instead of feeling stuck you feel inspired. Have an amazing day!

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