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Tools To Help You Pick The Best Logo & Color Palette For Your Website

Every website needs a logo and color palette. I don’t know about you but even though I love developing and designing websites, creating logos and coming up with a color palette can sometimes be difficult for me. So I wanted to share some tools I use to help me do that. Every time I start a new website or theme, one of the first things I do is create a logo and compile a color palette. Heres how I do it.


When I create logos I like using Canva. Canva is a design platform where you can create anything from logos, t shirt designs, cards, printables and graphics. It is an easy to use platform and has so many things you can use even when you just have the free version.

I usually build the logos myself with the Canva elements and fonts but I look at the logo templates they have for inspiration. (With using Canva for your website just make sure that you read their terms and conditions to make sure you are using their media correctly and legally.)

I used Canva to design my Anya Design Co. logo as well as the logo for my Salem WordPress theme.

Color Palettes:

Choosing a good color palette can make or break your website so when I create color palettes I use a couple things: Pinterest and Color-Hex.

I go to both of them to get inspiration. If you go to Pinterest you can type in the search bar ‘blue color palette’ (or whatever color you’re thinking) and get hundreds of different blue color palettes to choose from.

The same is true for Color-Hex. You go to their website and click palettes and they have the most popular ones in the front or you can look up specific palettes, like in Pinterest.

Once you find a palette you like you can write down the hexadecimal color codes (or another color code) and get started adding color to your website!

(On Pinterest, some of the color palettes don’t have the color codes included so in that case you need to use a color picker to get the codes to use. There are many different color picker apps or design apps that you can use to do that. I use a simple free app called PhotoScape to do this.)

So there you have it! Two different tools you can use to build your website. Hope this helps and you have a great day!

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